• MX05

    We create experiences – not Images

    Visuals have a much closer relationship with dance than with film. It's all about movement, structure and rythm. Visuals should not be watched like movies, they are like a river, a fire or sunlight falling through the leaves.

  • MX04

    Together we are Gesamtkunstwerk

    Visuals, lights and music melt together into a music driven art space that takes the audience onto a fascinating trip. In our sense, visuals are architectural media.

  • MX03

    Visuals are not Movies

    While a movie abducts the audience into the simulation of a dream, music and visuals create an environment to celebrate and live their own dreams. You don't want a Sports Bar where everybody stares at a screen, you want to create a synesthetic, spacial experience.

  • MX01

    MXZEHN is a Live Video performance Art Group

    We create and perform live visuals for music centered experiences. Only the live experience creates the magic energy field between musicians, audience and visual artists that makes a night unforgettable.

  • MX02

    Light is a visual Instrument

    Althoug few people are aware, you can PLAY lights and visuals live, as visuals instruments.
    Our aim is not to merely visualize the music, but to create an immersive piece of art by performing together in the same spirit.